Camera / Video Dolly TS-VT01S

Camera / Video Dolly
Camera / Video Dolly

1. Material: Anodized aluminum construction
2. Aluminum axles can also be locked in place
3. Size: 20*14*6.5cm
4. Supplies 1/4'' screw adapters
5. It glides straight or in circles
6.Wheel color: Red, Black, Grey
7.Wheel size: 6.5cm

1. Designed for use with DSLRs and camcorders.
2. The Table top Dolly offers the smooth tracking camera shots that look just like the big Hollywood productions, but without any of the hassles and constraints of traditional camera tracking & dolly systems.
3. Angle position markers allow fast and easy axle adjustment.
4. Perfect for table-top use or low-angle motion tracking.
5. Smooth rolling polyurethane wheels with stainless steel ball bearings .