Professional Tripod TS-PT251N / 252N

Ball head aluminium tripod
Ball head aluminium tripod
4sections 4sections
Min. operating height: 380mm Min. operating height: 354mm
Max. operating height1450mm
Max. operating height: 1490mm
Folding height: 355mm 
Folding height350mm
Net weight1200g
Net weight: 1570g
Max. load capacity: 10kgs
Max. load capacity: 10kgs
Max Tube Dia: Φ22mm Max Tube Dia: Φ25mm

Made of superior carbon fiber which greatly reduces the weight of the product.It is well-designed and folded up wonderfully for travel. 5 sections leg with twist locks easy to adjust height.The ball head features a dual-lock design that allows independent adjustment of the ball and panoramic base. 2 Section central column can be inverted for some low shoots, help you to realize macro photography.Its column hook can increase more stability by hanging heavy objects. 180°Back folding make it more compact when folded,easy for photographers to take with.

Min.operating height : 354mm
Max.operating height : 1490mm
Folding height: 350mm
Net weight:1570g
Max.load capacity: 15kgs
Material: Carbon fibre
Packing: Bag and box